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Profile :: Crystal K Weber

Crystal Weber is an Iowa-born singer-songwriter whose love for music and life is evident in her fresh, honest lyrics and soaring melodies. Her clear, powerful voice has a uniqueness and sweetness sometimes compared to Norah Jones or Adele. She is also fluent in guitar, piano, and flute. Most of her songs are backed up by acoustic guitar and are in the contemporary indie inspiration/pop-rock genre.

An aspiring singer-songwriter, she can be found playing many different venues around the region and is enjoying sharing her music with others and meeting new people. She recently released her second album "Discovering Sidewalks" which has been positively reviewed and received by music lovers of all ages. She has written well over 50 songs the last few years but she also enjoys taking cover songs from both female and male performers from all genres and playing them in a unique and unexpected way.

A couple of her life mottos are: Life is what you decide to make of it and how you react to it. It's better to try and fail than never to try at all. Keep trying long and hard enough and eventually you will succeed. Dream a little dream and achieve it, and then go on and dream for so much more.

Music is a window to the soul and is Crystal's way of attempting to make the world a little better, one song at a time~


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