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Lem Genovese - Veteran Tunesmith

Integrity, authenticity and longevity are "OLD SCHOOL" values .Yankee Medic Records slogan is: "Old School rules with high tech tools". No one personifies this better than nationally acclaimed veteran tunesmith LEM GENOVESE. {The correct pronunciation is:"Jen-oh-VAYZ" } When people speak of unique credentials, here is genuine article.

His sense of perspective towards his craft of songwriting has been honed by FOUR decades of composition and some national touring. It includes two plus decades as a retired Army veteran and Iowa National Guard member where he pulled tours of duty in the Mekong Delta of South Vietnam in 1971 and Operation Desert Storm as a combat medic twenty years later in 1991.

Whether its an intimate cafe, a festival or college concert venue, this is music that not only has "been there" and then some, but Lem has actually "done that". That is why his lifelong mission statement is to build a musical bridge of compassion and better awareness towards military families and the general public. Make no mistake, Lem's music connects with a good cross section of acoustic music aficionados, even "civilians" that spans generations.

When you listen to his live performance, you are instantly drawn into his narrative and distinctive abilities on 12 and 6 string acoustic/electric Taylor guitars. From his evocative 12 string instrumental written of behalf of Gold Star families - "Elegy For The Fallen",the stark reality of a post 9/11 America in his controversial narrative "Endangered", or the joy of watching the virtual ballet of a major league outfielder like a Joe DiMaggio or Bernie Williams in the jazz instrumental - "Silence From Deep Center", you realize that Lem has more than earned the right to cover all the bases.

He has performed in major league cities from New York to Los Angeles and has appeared in newspapers ranging from the Washington Post, the Chicago Tribune,
Dallas Morning News and the San Francisco Chronicle.

He has shared the same stages as 1960's rock icon and original Woodstock festival alumni Country Joe McDonald in the San Francisco Bay area from 1981 > '83, the Iowa City area, where he attended the University of Iowa for three years from 1972 >'75, sharing some of those same stages with the "non-brothers Brown:" folky Greg and reggae Tony, and more recently with folk diva Dar Williams and native American Grammy winner Bill Miller in the Coulee Region of southwest Wisconsin.

Its been written that you either make history, witness it or choose to ignore its lessons. The music of Lem Genovese is nothing short of LIVING HISTORY.


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