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It all started when I said YES to His(God's) invitation, yes to God's heart and saving grace. From that point I have faced nothing alone, nothing without his hand and most importantly his grace. Who am I? That should not be your question, it should be who is He? He is my God, my Savior, my Jesus, my Sweet Song, my Best Friend, my Defender, he is my Maker and the reason I SING!

I use the gifts that were given to me to glorify Him, in words, in song and in the way I live my life. Simply put, I am blessed so I worship....

My family, is my encouragement, motivation and inspiration. My bible is my sword, it is the truth I cling too, it has more then 7500 promises. Promises that God has put to word so that we would hear him.

Proclaiming everything above does not guarantee that I don't stumble, fall or go through trials and tribulations. It's those very times that allows me to write what is on my heart, based upon real life lessons taught by Jesus Christ. Music is my refuge and hiding place from the world. When I'm feeling down and need to talk to someone, or get something off of my mind, I go straight for the guitar and start singing to God and eventually songs come out. I find that God speaks more clearly or at least I am listening more intently when I am in the valley. The mountain, well thats an all together different form of worship for me.

I started playing piano at age 6 but it was not until I received one of my dad's old guitars for Christmas when I was 14 that things started feeling right musically. I now play guitar, drums and piano on my CD's. The turning point for me was when I was a senior in high school and I sang publicly for the first time at our high school talent show. It was a song I wrote about my relationship with God. He has never stopped blessing from that night. Praise God!

I am also very blessed to have a beautiful and wonderful wife that supports me, encourages me, inspires me, and loves me through it all. Her name is Amanda and she helps me stay focused on reality and what God's plan is for my life... and guess what . . .She will be singing with me from time to time too!

Branson, MO has become a major part of our lives now, including the people we have met through all that has happened thus far.

I can't think of anything I would rather do than to share the message of Christ' love through music and words.

...and in case you were wondering:

Full Name: Zachary David Svoboda
Age: 23
Current Position: Musician/Christ follower
Experience: Sonshine Fest, HopeFest, Envision Fest, Christian day at the ballpark, has been a guest worship leader for 40 churches in Iowa, coffee shops, lots of local venues in eastern Iowa and throughout midwest
Youth Experience: Leadership roles with message and or music at St. Marks Lutheran and CPUMC. Music Director for Chrysalis Youth retreat. Youth for Christ guest worship leader. AIM Mission trip music leader.
Music Influences: Jimmy Needham, Brandon Heath, Monk & Neagle, Chris Tomlin, Shawn McDonald, Bebo Norman, Derek Webb, Jon McLaughlin , Jon Foreman, 33 Miles, and Amanda Nichole Svoboda
Books currently reading: The Bible, Alaskan Grizzly Attacks!


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