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From the River, was formed by three young guys from who are passionate about music and who love God. The trio performs covers of well-known songs from many eras and puts a new spin on them by experimenting with cello, electric, and acoustic guitars as their core instrumentation. Jonah, the lead guitarist, has been crafting his art since the age of seven and felt called into a career in music when he was in 8th grade. His diverse playing style showcases his musical taste which ranges from John Mayer and BB king to Jimi Hendrix and Bono. Caleb, the cellist who can really play anything, started his music career at the ripe age of 5 by jamming on piano, drums, and of course, the cello. He is an outstanding classical pianist and cellist who has used his talent to compose Christmas mash-ups to playing Debussy’s classics on piano and various Hollywood movie scores. Taylor, the vocalist, has sung his entire life but only in the last few years has realized the passion he has for music. He recently performed at Easterfest, Australia’s largest Christian music festival and is waiting for his first EP or origin al music to be mastered by the end of November. Expect to hear these and other originals by “From the River” when attending one of their shows.

Jonah, Caleb, and Taylor have all separately sought out harnessing their ability and now come together to play music for all audiences to enjoy and have an experience through song that will encourage and challenge those who listen. Their hearts are to communicate the love they believe God has for everyone and to share the hope that He brings.


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