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Profile :: Ashley Fruhling

Singer/songwriter Ashley Fruhling is excited to begin sharing her music with public audiences. When she was young, Ashley loved to sit at the piano for hours and create melodies and write lyrics that she would perform for anyone willing to listen. It wasn't until last fall that Ashley really took off in song-writing, when a performance-related injury caused her to take time away from her studies at Indiana University as a piano and viola performance major. Ashley has enjoyed having more time to focus on developing her unique style and voice in her writing...her goal is to honestly express the depths of the human heart in a way that is innovative, yet genuine and relatable to audiences. Ashley's music is conversational and an outlet for her to process emotions. Because of this, it seems as if the music often writes itself! The colors she aspires to create with her melodies, harmonies, voice, and instruments are influenced by jazz, pop, classical, and folk. Ashley is very grateful for the opportunity to share what she enjoys most.


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