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Nik & Rik, acoustic duo is comprised of nikki d. and Rick Clay. nikki d. is going back to her roots of soft rock, folk, and standards, and Rick Clay is demonstrating his skill in the acoustic guitar, and revisiting his ‘softer’ side as well.
Regional audiences have appreciated their musical expertise over the years as members of the popular local cover rock band KantiRocks, now booking only select events. Nikki’s vocals are conversely strong and driving or soft and gentle, but both delivered with emotion and passion that she is known for. Rick is masterful on the electric guitar, animated on driving songs, and reflective on ballads.
Nik & Rik acoustic duo is a new direction for them in this area. Rick’s skill transfers over to the acoustic guitar and nikki’s vocals are heard with even more raw emotion.
Their song selection is varied. They have redone some of the 80’s KantiRocks cover songs so that fans can appreciate some of those same songs acoustically, but have also integrated a wider style including alternative, folk, standards, 70’s, southern rock and current pop songs from artists such as Katy Perry and Pink. There is something for everyone with this duo.
And as always, Nik & Rik offer animated performances and humorous interaction. Come relax, laugh, take a trip down memory lane or be moved to tears with Nik & Rik, acoustic duo. We offer something more.


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