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The son of two schoolteacher and musician parents,Craig started on trumpet at 1o and switched over to the guitar at 12...listening to the Beatles,Hendrix, and soul music on the radio.The sounds of jazz were often heard litening to his dad play as well.
He formed his first band at 13,playing parties and school dances.He also took up the drums,keys,and bass..writing and recording all the parts on songs a la Stevie Wonder and Todd Rundgren.
Jazz fusion caught his ear,inspiring him to expand his musical technique and knowledge.Years of gigging in local and regional clubs expanded his versatility and virtuosity.
His unique chops caught the attention of two writers for the biggest guitar magazines in the country..ultimately landing him a deal with Shrapnel Records which included a virtual who's who of the most amazing guitarists in the world including Paul Gilbert(Mr Big),Greg Howe(Justin Timberlake,Michael Jackson),Marty Friedman(Megadeth),etc. etc.
He flew to California to record his first solo CD in 1992, which was followed by a collaboration with legendary Deep Purple vocalist /bassist Glenn Hughes..whom he also toured with twice.This led to Craigs own CDs distributed worldwide and 9 European tours, rave reviews in many magazines and music equipment endorsement deals.
Balancing guitar lessons,a job at a music store and a marriage took its toll and things had to slow down,creating some missed opportunities.
He continued to write and record and guest on a number of worldwide releases,garnering more loyal fans and critical acclaim...but lacking breakthrough financial success. This and some family situations helped him to decide on more local focus of gigging ,lessons,writing and producing...with a high profile gig or tour every once in awhile.
,appearring with some of the most respected musicians in the world including Eric Gales,Rob Wasserman,Jeff Sipe,T Lavitz,Chris Duarte,etc.
Another CD for Shrapnel in 2012, one for Grooveyard in 2013 and various songs in hit TV shows like Justified,Chicago Fire,Heartland, and the recent movie"Enough Said" starring James Gandolfini and Julia Louis-Dreyfus have kept him busy (along with writing with and producing various artists)

Live acoustic shows are full of intensity,soul,virtuosic playing and humor using loops and various techniques to bring a fullness to a one man show.Originals are intertwined with very unique takes on a wide variety of blues,pop,rock,soul and reggae tunes,Unpredictability and spontaneity is the only thing predictable.


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